SQLconf Configuration of your scripts has never been so easy.

About SQLconf

SQLconf is a small set of PHP functions which provide facilities for writing and reading configuration for your PHP scripts. Using MySQL as the backend and a minimal, automatically updated conf.php file, SQLconf provides a solution for both simple projects and larger, modular environments.

Configuration in a database? Why?

Because it can be easily modified. Because databases contain very smart code optimised for speed, and almost any other solution besides using plain define()-filled files would be slower. Because while editing one configuration value, it is much harder to mess up other values.

I'm not convinced. Show me an example!

$value = getConf('myModule','myName);
// returns the value, such as "123"

$modconf = getConf('myModule');
// returns an array of all keys and values for module "myModule"
// adds or updates a new key/value pair for module "myModule"

It doesn't get any simpler than this, does it?

Ready to give it a try?

SQLconf is released under GPL. You may download SQLconf as a ZIP file or as a tar.gz file. Read the readme.txt for the installation instructions, and enter the world of SQLconf :-)

Author info and feedback

SQLconf was written by Max Timchenko. The idea came to him just as he was working on adding several new defines to a config.php on one of his websites. Since SQLconf was so useful to him, it had been touched up, had an install script and a readme file attached to it, and released into the big world.

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What's new?
May 6 - Updated the statistics :)

Mar 1 - Version 1.1 is out! The changes are in conf.php file generation - single quotes and ?> are escaped, and numbers are written without quotes.

Jan 29 - 5 days after creating this page, first spam mailing has been received. All mails from Taiwan will be filtered into trash from now on.

Current version: 1.1
Released: Mar 1, 2003

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